Hello.  We think it’s important that you get to know what each of us can do for you.  Together we have a huge amount of experience to make your film as memorable and on message as possible.    Enjoy the short film and scroll down for a brief recap of our careers thus far.


What we are not is: uber young trendy things with Hoxton Fins, or multi gazillionaires with internet businesses sprigging up all over the place in fast cars. We are however, delighted to announce that we are real people, with a real understanding of your business needs and we also stupidly creative with lots of ideas bubbling about for free.

Carl Stickley (Headchap at FFW)


Carl is an award winning Promo Producer who has over 25 years of television experience.   His CV includes working up the ranks from ‘runner’ to ‘Head Promo Producer’ at Channel Five.  Carl has worked at all the major broadcasters, doing channel startups, relaunches and idents too.   His speciality in television is to cut ‘promos’  for television films and programmes and sell them to us within 60 second adverts.  The nickname for this type of work in Creative Services is ‘Selly-telly’.   Known to all his peers in the television world as ‘The Fire-Fighter’  for many years, Carl can turn his experience to making great films for your business fast.

Jeremy Gildersleve (Longform Cameras & Editing)

Jeremy and Carl go back a long way, originally meeting in Rome whilst working for Orbit Television. Both have extensive experience in making all sorts of telly.  For a number of years Jeremy has had his own production company, the fruits of which can be seen on our Film Archive Page.

Jes is our ‘longform man’.  His specialism is in filming & editing our longer-form films,  Carl is our man for fast promo, drop-dead gorgeous sell-telly sizzle reels for your business, Jeremy is head of our films for Training, and the films we make that cover events – its a great balance.

He is a very talented man and an all round marvellous egg.